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Stop losing customers to the competition

ADflagger helps detect and block ads illegally using your brand's name and reputation to gain clients.


Calculate how many customers you're losing

A quick search can reveal competitors using your brand to attract clients across Google desktop, Android, and iPhone ads and estimate the number of potential lost clients.

Adflagger allows your brand to block those paid ads that are shown above your organic search position and prevents you from needing to pay money to be listed above those competitors. 

Any number of lost clients is too many      

What We Offer

ADflagger makes you money by blocking illegal ads; bringing those clients directly to you. We also help you save money by removing the need to spend more on your ads to appear above those illegal ads in Google search results. So how does it work? 

Keyword searches

Enter the keywords and countries you want to monitor and ADflagger shows you which ads are running across all Google desktop, Android, and iPhone platforms.

Flag ads using your brand's name

Review the list of ads that are currently using your brand's name or that match your selected keywords.

Create and file an official complaint

Select the ads you want to be blocked. ADflagger creates and files an official complaint for you. Our Google trust accounts get the ads blocked in 3-5 days. 

Use analytics to monitor success 

Visit you ADflagger analytics dashboard to monitor your activity and track the increase in site visits and registrations. 

Getting started


Create an account and new project

After you register, you'll be able to create a new project. Keep in mind that you'll want to also select the pricing plan. 


Search for your keywords

Drop in the keywords that you want to track, and we'll show you a full list of ads using those words. 


Create and submit complaints automatically

When you discover a company is illegally using your name or reputation, simply select the ad and click submit complaint. We'll take care of the rest. You can track the status and analytics in your dashboard. 

Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 16.08.48.png

The analytics dashboard

Allows you to file and track complaint progress, view ads, and everything else you need to prevent competitors from illegally stealing your customers.


Track Complaint Progress

View Keywords & Ads

Explore Our Pricing Options

We have plans perfect for brands of all sizes. Feel free to reach out and we'll help pick the perfect plan for your brand

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    Free Plan
    • 20 Keywords Tracked
    • Unlimited Ads
    • Updated 2 Times Per Day
    • Domain Ads Tracking
    • Analytics Integration
  • How do I prove the ad I want removed is illegal?
    You don't need to provide anything. We set up our platform to make this journey less stressful for you. We'll just need to check your authority by approving the keywords you want to search for.
  • Is it possible that an illegal ad won’t be removed?
    There are cases when you need to wait more than 3 days to see it blocked, especially when your competitor launches new ads.
  • What can I do if an illegal ad isn’t removed?
    There are cases when we'll need to wait longer until our platform removes it. If you're seeing new illegal advertisements after submitting a claim, it's possible that the advertiser is deliberately targeting your brand name.
  • Will the competitor know that I am the one who requested their ad be removed?
    Our customer's data is subject to non-disclosure. However, we're not tolerant to brand abuse or using our product for a unfair competitive advantage.
  • What happens if I try to remove a competitor's ad and it’s not illegal?
    At AdFlagger, we prioritize ethical and legal practices when it comes to removal requests. We do not condone any attempts to remove a competitor's ad without proper legal or ethical grounds. It is important to remember that businesses and individuals are bound by laws and regulations related to competition and advertising. If you attempt to remove a competitor's ad without lawful grounds, it could lead to negative consequences such as legal action, damage to your own reputation, and potential harm to your business. However, if you believe that a competitor's ad exploits your brand we encourage you to use our platform to remove any ads that you believe are inappropriate or harmful. We believe in fair competition and promoting ethical advertising practices.
  • What is the average time it takes to remove an ad?
    The average time it takes to remove an ad can vary depending on several factors. Normally, it takes 2-5 days. However it always depends on simplicity of the ad: the simpler it is the faster it is gone.
  • Is there a way to restrict a specific advertiser from using my brand name in general if they keep using my brand name?
    Advertising accounts can be created by anyone; Moreover, there's businesses on selling trusted accounts. You'll need years to prove that the company is a direct advertiser.
  • Can I pursue legal action if a company persists to use my brand’s name?
    No. Google permits launching advertising campaigns with any keyword.

Watch the money made and saved increase your revenue

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